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  • Crystal Laramore

Content Curation

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Free looks FREE! 

There are no telling how many times I have had a potential client tell me their niece or nephew, “...who is just a whiz at social media, is ‘doing' our social media for us; you know… it’s free, they’re family.” Yeah, and it LOOKS free. And, it’s not consistent. And, you cannot count on them to do work exactly when you need them too. And, are they creating content? Listen, take it from someone who used to rely on this process… it doesn’t work. People work best when they are trading time for MONEY, not hugs and kisses. 

Have you ever got tired of a site because all they did was try to sell you something… FIVE times a day? Don’t do that. Some of your posts should just be funny. Some should teach. Some should sell. And all of them should lead people to your website. All roads should lead to your website. 

Contact Marina Bay Marketing to help with your social media.


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