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Don't Miss the Train

With sucky social media graphics


All sorts of industries:

  • Restaurants

  • Public figures

  • Politicians

  • Political Campaigns

  • Retail

  • Non-Profits

  • Service Industry

  • Insurance

  • Medical Fields

  • Food Industry

  • Military

  • Travel

  • Podcasts

All sorts of stuff:

  • business consulting

  • messaging and branding

  • press releases

  • search engine optimization

  • Google Ads (PPC)

  • media content curation

  • blogging

  • social media posts, job posts, invites

  • Facebook ads

  • social media shares, reviews

  • social media videos

Everyone spends their time on social media, but they aren't stopping to look if what they see isn't appealing. Be sure scrolling doesn't happen to you, your website and your social media. We have created thousands of marketing graphics. We know what works on each platform and what time of day is best to post. It matters.

Ever make a great post and it just sits there, sad and lonely? With no one liking or sharing? Do you feel like unless you pay-to-play no one will see your incredible products or services?  We know how you feel!  Remember, we were our first customer! After our creative geniuses make a graphic or a video post, they… wait for it… SHARE it!!!  and share it.....and share it.... Believe us, your business will get noticed! Organically! We have poured countless hours into joining groups, creating groups, gathering followers and raving fans, and we share the fruits of that labor with you, our loyal customer! So contact the gurus today at 936.777.4548 so you can have raving fans too.  We can't wait to work with you! ​

When you join the Marina Bay Marketing (MBM) family, our network becomes your network! When we put our creative genius to work, we also put it to work for YOUR business! Social media marketing can be difficult to navigate and take up all your time. So, let us help!

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