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  • Crystal Laramore

When to Post What Where

Well, isn’t that the million dollar question? Do you ever feel like just when you get social media rules all figured out, the rules change? Well, they do! It’s almost a full-time job keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms of all of the different social media platforms. It’s our full-time job to know, so we do. We are always asking Google and sifting through the data and coming up with our own schedule for posting. We would post our findings here, but the algorithms change too frequently! 

We can tell you that Facebook likes about one post per day on a business page, two per day on a personal page, and the time of day depends on your specific audience. You have to play around with different posts and see which ones get the most engagement. Instagram is ok with four posts a day while Twitter takes about 15 posts to make a difference. Yes. That is a lot. That is why FREE will not get you very far

Another tid-bit is that Facebook doesn’t really take too kindly to you posting a link in the content portion of your post. They get upset when you try to lead their customers/captive audience, astray! So, we just post links in comments. That’s how ya skin that rabbit!


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